Monday, July 4

Configuring eclipse helios with apache tomcat.

I had to connect eclipse with apache tomcat so that i could run my web application. I had installed the apache tomcat 6 server in my drive. You can get apache tomcat from here.

Open eclipse (I am using eclipse - helios) , Go to Window -> preferences -> Server -> Runtime Environments

From the "Server Runtime Environment" dialogue box, click on ADD to add "New server Runtime Environment". Select Apache and Under that select Apache tomcat v 6.0. Click next and then browse to the directory where your apache is installed.

Now you have to start the server so that you can run your web apps. To get the server option, click on the button at the bottom left which says "show view as a fast view" when you hover over it. Click on "other" and select "server".

A "server" is added on your project explorer pane. Drag this to your "console pane" (Not sure what this is called). You will then see a "server" tab with apache tomcat option. Right click on it and then you will get option to start the server.

P.S : If you know a better way or if what i done is not correct, please help with your suggestions.

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