Saturday, February 19

My First website project (2009)

Was just browsing my email and stumbled upon my first website project.(Had sent this design to a few people for suggestions).
I had done some designs before for this company, but none were approved. Here are two of the designs which still exists in my inbox. And you would not want to check the older one's. ;p Below are the images of website i had done in photoshop. It was about two years back. Design No 1, i had even converted to HTML.

Design No. 1
Home Page

About us page.
My Take on Design 1:
  • Looks total Crap.
  • No proper color selection. Too much of dark and Too much of light color. 
  • Forceful use of images. Images are not properly cut, designed , modified.
  • Typography is royally screwed up.
  • Overall rating : 2.5stars.
Design No 2
Home page
About page

Services Page

Clients Page

My Take on Design 2:
  • I call it a Master Piece. :)
  • I like the Footer. It is simple and sober. 
  • The color combination is also good.
  • The typography isn't that good. Still need to work on that.
  • Overall rating : 4 stars. :)
Since then, have more concentrated on PHP development. Have also done a great amount of CSS coding and its time that i jump back to some simple designing. Yeah, i know, you would say why this ass does not design his own blog. Yup i am working on it. Its not perfect as yet, but i love it. 

Getting FUTURE Dates in PHP

I came across this problem wherein, given a date, i had to get the next date depending on the number of days specified. For example, if the date is "17-02-2011", i had to find out what would be the date after 90 days from this given date. After searching online, and looking up in, i got this solution.

    $date = "17-02-2011";
    //get the date after 90 days
    $enddate = strtotime("$date + 90 days");
    echo $enddate = date("d-m-Y",$enddate);

//Output is 18-05-2011