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Why my engineering degree sucks

Edit :  I wrote the post first and realized the title was missing. The title is not directly related to the post and....never mind..just read if you have time to waste!!!.

After graduating, I've realized that it was not worth it. Yeah my engineering degree sucks. And i am to blame culpable for it. But lets not go deeper.
The other day i was having tea with a colleague and i remembered this incident that occurred during my engineering days.I just want to keep it alive.So a post dedicated to it.

Just as any college, it was the season of inter college competitions. A very well known private college ranked 2nd in Goa had organized it. To skip the classes and project work we all decided to attend it. There was this event, don't know what it was called, but the main task was to design a HTML layout for a image provided.

Some of the best minds from my college gathered together. We made groups of two and started reading that NIIT Html tutorial book. They said html was very easy. And i even knew what it stood for. I was confident, happy and enjoying. I still remember i could not understand what iframes were and so i asked this friend, who answered all my stupid questions with patience. My partner and I were not so worried and i did not care much.
The competition was about to start, i was still not sure what iFrames were and my friend was busy explaining me again and again.

We entered the computer lab, where the competition was held.Me and Raja choose the corner PC. They had a projector with an image of a webpage and we had to write the layout in html. We were given notepad. We knew how to use dreamweaver (i am not sure, but lets assume we knew) but had never tried actually coding even the basic html layout. Without loosing a single second, we said, lets get our hands dirty and start competing.

hyper text markup language

Disaster part 1
But how do we start? Both me and my partner were not sure.
Lets start with the tags he said. Ok. We have the <html> start and </html> end. In between we have <head> start and </head> end and then the <body> start and </body> end. All done. Now lets enter the <title> tag.

He: The title tag comes insde the <head> tag.
Me: Nope, It comes outside the <head>.
He: Dude, lets try both
Me : Ok

I  was confident that the title tag comes outside the head tag. We tried my method first. Opening the file on browser, it was blank. Full white. (white screen of death as we call it in drupal). I was shocked it did not work, he was happy. We tried his method. Put the <title> tag inside <head> tag. It was again white (or the white screen of death). We were both confused.

Disaster part 2
We were trying to get a title of the page as displayed on the image using the title tag. We should have seen the title when we tried second time, but alas we were expecting it to appear somewhere else. We tried and tried harder. Others around us, were pretty fast and we could see some promising web layouts. We were still with the white screen. Not sure what to do, finally we ended up using a <h1> tag and surrounding it with the <center> tag. Thank god, something did appear on the screen.
Time ran out, we were giggling and cracking jokes and time for the jury to arrive. I think our's was the 4th turn. Our neighbors were kind enough to tell us about how they used CSS, Html and were a little short of time else they could also have implemented the JavaScript image switcher.

Disaster Part 3
The judge followed by the volunteers peeped into our machine. We had nothing to show. And what we explained  was another disaster which i think i'll skip here. ;) 

We discussed for a while. Had a hearty lough about the disaster and we forgot. Rest of the engineering, we were busy doing submissions.(Submission is a fucked up thing - and it deserves another post)

The entire 45minutes given to us, we were confused as to where the fuck title tag appears in the html. Now i know. And now i know he was right. And now i know, i missed a lot, i did not know the basics, i did not know nothing. And now you should know, it was my final year of engineering. Yeah, i know i should be ashamed of myself, but the fact is fact and No one can change.

P.S : This was way back in 2008 and things have changed. And what you should know is, that i know a lot of web and i work as a web developer in a small company.

P.S : Before i learned about the web, there were some more incidents (hilarious, stupid, fucked up) which i plan to post it here.

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