Wednesday, January 26

Project Deadlines V/s Beautiful Code

What is more important. Project Deadline or Writing Beautiful Code. How do we make sure that we achieve both in a given project?

I remember i had a hour long debate with my previous employer about designing a website using the native table tag or following a div based pattern. It was about 6 months back. And yes we do have web consultants who still follow the table design pattern. 

He said, it did not matter on the coding standards as long as the website was complete before the deadline and the client was happy. Client does not understand html and he does not care. True. I agree to this. But what about SEO, the time it takes the website to load, a lot of messy code, which is difficult to modify in future? As a service provider we advertise and promote ourselves as the best software company. We talk about SEO, how simple, sleek and elegant websites we make but if we do not follow the basics, then how are we to achieve what we promise.

To this, he said
"no one cares about the code as long as the website is visually appealing. You see, thats the difference between you as a developer and me as a designer. "

The internet has been talking a lot about flash, web standards etc, but a corner side web development company with 2 designers, 2 marketing guys and a stupid developer does not care. No one cares about web standards as long as the website is up and ready.

If we start thinking about code quality, then we will require more time to finish the project. However a bunch of flash animation along with loads of images and a WYSIWYG editor like dream-weaver, you are ready with a website in no time.

If a client asks, why is the website so slow, when you show him the demo for the first time, you say , it will be a little slow for the first time, but later on it will be pretty fast as long as you don't delete the Cache.

Here we are calling ourselves your friendly neighborhood web development company.

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