Wednesday, December 14

The HEN which lays golden eggs - revisted

There is this hen which lays gold eggs. The guy slaughters it in greed for all eggs.

Question : Why the fuck did the hen choose to serve a stupid small time employer and show its loyalty?

The hen could have choose to work for an international employer , earn respect, privileges etc all its life or could have turned an entrepreneur.

Moral of the story : Foolish hen always dies.

Sunday, October 23

Testing mobile posts

This is a mobile test post.

Wednesday, September 28

Creating and sending Email Newsletters

Creating Email newsletters Checkpoints.

1.       Use inline styles.
2.       Upload images on a server.
3.       For image spacing issues in gmail and hotmail, there are already tutorials available for use with quick fixes.
4.       For testing Email newsletters, outlooks express is fine. However, it will render differently in different environments. We were using outlook to check email newsletters on Iphone and Blackberrry, and the newsletter would appear different in Iphone.
To test the newsletter, the best option would be to use your personalized scripts written in Php etc, or use some online service such as mailchimp. However with mailchimp, for free account, you have their promotions automatically incorporated in your newsletter. The advantage is that, you can use your own html code to test it.

Point 4 is very important because ate a lot of our time. When sending newsletter through outlook it showed a very minor 1px image issue. An online service to send html newsletter such as mailchimp helped.

Saturday, July 16

Onsite working - My Experience

Last week i got an opportunity to work with a company on their project for couple of days. I learned about this gig through a friend, and since i am doing nothing at present, i immediately said yes to it. It was an
amazing experience. I had to develop and modify the front end of the system. The project was done in java, hibernate i guess, with some technology called wicket (I think it is a ajax library for java).

So my main task was to write semantic html, css and design as per the needs. Apart from that they even had some issues with the menu which i had to fix. I was looking forward to this and i must admit, it was an
amazing experience.

The company.

It was super cool, nicely furnished office. Could accommodate about 20 people. I learned that this company was founded by some of the well experienced techies. The company had mostly java developers and most of
them were pretty experienced.

My Role

I had to handle the front end of the project. The project was in its release phase, and since they had to do bug fixing and improve the functionality, they had to hire someone who would take care of the UI.
An expert.

The role and responsibility increases drastically, when you learn that you are the expert and have to finish some tasks in a given amount of time. Since i had no prior experience working in eclipse, or in fact any
java project, i was little nervous. But the developers over there were very very helpful.

My Experience
I realized that, a project to reach its completion, there is a lot of hard work. It is suppose to be a team
effort and no individual alone can be a hero. Everyone has equal and significant role.

Working in a team, if all has a right mindset, can be very fruitful. The team was very helpful. They introduced me to the project, the IDE, how to execute the project etc. Also if i had a simple issue, they would
come to my cubicle and help me solve it. In fact the entire team would move to help anyone upon request. The important mantra was, do not delay, take help and get moving.

I realized that they were using tools that would speed up their development. High end machines.Taking the complete advantage of Eclipse IDE, Verson control like SVN, Bug tracking software, wireframing
software etc. Everyone had high speed internet connection. Apart from that, a pantry with unlimited coffee, snacks which i think is a perfect example of how a software development company is suppose to be. 

Courtesy : Google.
Image : A pic in between looks nice. Got it from google search. In future might start drawing my own cartoons.


All in all i learned a lot. Given my interest in java, i learned how to use the IDE, i learned about some plugins, How a java project looks like etc. Looking forward to such small time gigs. I feel some small time
contract based jobs help a lot. They help to get out of your daily routine and most importantly, they teach you new things, help build up relationships.

Wednesday, July 6

Data Types in PHP and other notes

Following is the excerpts i read from a php programming book.

In php, we have scalar data types and compound data types.
Scalar data types means data that contains only a single value. Php has these scalar data types
  1. Integer - A number eg. 15
  2. Float - A floating point number eg. 8.25
  3. string - A series of characters eg. "hello world"
  4. Boolean - Represents either true or false eg. true
Compound data is data that can contain more than a value.
  1. Array - An ordered map (Contains names or numbers mapped to values)
  2. Object - A type that can contain properties or methods.
Apart from these, php also contains special data types.
  1. Resource - Contains reference to an external resource, such as a file or database.
  2. Null - May contain only null as a value,meaning the variable explicitly does not contain any value.
Php is known as a loosely typed language. It does not care about the type of data being stored in a variable. It converts a variables data type automatically, depending on the context in which the variable is used.

Other Notes
Php considers the following values to be false
  1. The literal value false
  2. The integer zero (0)
  3. The float zero (0.0)
  4. An empty string (" ")
  5. The string zero ("0")
  6. An array with zero elements
  7. The special type null including any unset variable

Monday, July 4

Configuring eclipse helios with apache tomcat.

I had to connect eclipse with apache tomcat so that i could run my web application. I had installed the apache tomcat 6 server in my drive. You can get apache tomcat from here.

Open eclipse (I am using eclipse - helios) , Go to Window -> preferences -> Server -> Runtime Environments

From the "Server Runtime Environment" dialogue box, click on ADD to add "New server Runtime Environment". Select Apache and Under that select Apache tomcat v 6.0. Click next and then browse to the directory where your apache is installed.

Now you have to start the server so that you can run your web apps. To get the server option, click on the button at the bottom left which says "show view as a fast view" when you hover over it. Click on "other" and select "server".

A "server" is added on your project explorer pane. Drag this to your "console pane" (Not sure what this is called). You will then see a "server" tab with apache tomcat option. Right click on it and then you will get option to start the server.

P.S : If you know a better way or if what i done is not correct, please help with your suggestions.

Eclipse helios - mysql driver to connect to the database

Create a new dynamic web project.

Download the mysql driver and copy the jar file and save it inside your webContent -> WEB-INF -> lib folder.

To connect to the mysql database, you need to have this driver installed in your web application.

You can download the driver from here

Sunday, June 26

What is the significance of MAX_FILE_SIZE in file uploads

What does
<input type="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE' value="4194304" /> actually do?

I found the answer here

The value parameter is in bytes

If you upload a file size greater than 4MB you will never get a client side warning (as expected). The main purpose of this is to impose a soft limit on server side.

if you have imposed a MAX_FILE_SIZE of 2MB and the user tries to upload a 4MB file, once they reach roughly the first 2MB of upload, the transfer will terminate and the PHP will stop accepting more data for that file. It will report the error on the files array.

It's only supposed to send the information to the server. The reason that it must precede the file field is that it has to come before the file payload in the request for the server to be able to use it to check the size of the upload.

Thursday, June 23

Javascript and Jquery Basic Syntax.

Example CodeJavascriptJquery
<input name="vname" type="text" />document.getElementsByName("vname")$("[name='vname']")
<div id="test">document.getElementById("test")$("#test")
<div class="test">document.getElementsByClassName("test")
More information here
<p>Some text</p>document.getElementsByTagName("p")

Wednesday, June 22

Php - Why?

I have been reading a lot these days, reason being am unemployed. Most of the articles i came through read php as a shitty language. I myself have been doing php past 3 years. I kind of believe them now after not getting any job opportunities.

However the bright side is Front-end development is been respected and there are companies which have requirement for Front end developers. This is a department i can score. *Fingers Crossed*

Tuesday, May 31

Frustration must be killing you.

I got to know about the Interview a day before when a friend sent me a forward. That night he called me to ensure I go with the required documents.

I was prepared. The only thing I knew was the location. Got down from the bus and the first thing I did was to call up A very useful service. Reached the venue and was told to fill up the form. Later was told to move to the sixth floor. Just when I entered saw about 25 odd people. I think most of them were for .net interview. Around 10 were for web developer position. 

I was pretty sure, would ace the interview and would get the job. I was already feeling confident within. I had my white shirt (The shirt I had got after I failed the TCS interview) and new formal pants with hair combed.  
The office was super awesome. Clean, huge, plenty of space, and hundred’s cubicles, for some there were dedicated white boards. Wow!! 

The interviewers were nice, and made me feel comfortable.  They started with, my current job profile. A simple question. I knew I could score on this. Then came the technical topics. We discussed on some of the projects I did, the challenges I faced and how I tackled them. Here, it did not go so smooth. I was unsure about the project; I could have done some in-depth research on what I should have done to optimize that project. Well that’s what I had written in the CV, so it was obvious they had to ask.
Apart from that, what interest them more was the mobile web application I had developed.  They asked a lot of questions on that. How I tested the application, what size was the entire project, what software tools I used. They were also interested about html5 and css3 technologies.
It was good so far. They told me to wait outside then and would shortly give their feedback to the HR who then would convey it to me.

I went out, was very confident I would clear. Had already started thinking on it. After sometime a lady came, called out my name and said, “I’m sorry, but you’re not selected, if anything comes up will let you know”. It was a shock. About 10 other people heard it, but I could not believe. I asked her, if it was me by mentioning my full name to her. Without looking at the list, she said yes and rushed back inside. I could not get the feedback as to why I was rejected.
I am yet to figure out the reason, have tried contacting some of the people who work in that company to help me get the feedback. I just want to be there. I feel I belong there. But now I’ll have to wait another six months to answer another interview there.

What went wrong?
  • I was not clean shaved / did not have properly trimmed beard.
  • My communication skills were good, but I was not that convincing. Most of the technical questions they asked, I had never worked on them. For eg, I was asked if a designer gave a customized design of a web page with custom scroll bars, how would you implement them in your css. I had never thought about it nor had seen it. Ok, may be seen it but never noticed.
  •  They were looking for a front end engineer; I was more of a back end guy. At least that’s what my resume read.
4.       The questions were simple but I was not able to answer them .For the question, how my types of data types are present in JavaScript, I had my eyes rolling.

5.       They asked about object oriented JavaScript and I had never written such complex code.
6.       The technical questions they asked, I said I know about this, but never used it . (Shows that I am bluffing. Shows that I am trying to be a smart ass. Ok, not really, but that is how it is.)

Am just waiting for my friend (never talked to him since school, met him recently on facebook) to respond back. Then I’d know what went wrong and what I need to do to improvise on it.            

After the interview, I spent some time with a friend, came home, took some rest and at night saw some episodes of prison break. Michael scofield and his team entered the location, where company has been protecting Scylla. General gets an alert that there has been a security breach and rushes down. Just when general opens the lift, Lincoln, Sucre and manhome take him on gun point. Scofield asks for the card. When he inserts the card, he gets another locker where he has to put another five cards. General thinks, that now scofield cannot do anything, but just then after seeing scofield take out other cards, general demands for an answer as to from where he got the other cards. Seeing general so curious and shocked, scofield says, “Frustration must be killing you”.

Thursday, May 26

Software development is an art

After working for more than 2 years i have realized it is not easy to work just hard. It is more important to work smart. Apart from that, this is never ending and the learning curve always needs to be exponential. There can never be a limit, never, Period.

No one can master this art on their own. They need help, may be through fellow developers, online reading other people's experience, blogging, forums, developer meet up's etc. But you should have hunger for this knowledge.

Wednesday, May 25

Mysql adding future dates in the query.

I had this application, where i had a column start_date where i had to insert the current timestamp and another column ie. end_date where i had to insert the current timestamp + 30 days.

We can do this in the mysql insert query using the mysql ADDTIME function


The start_date column type is set to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP so it will automatically be updated on INSERT query.

You can get more information about addtime() from here.

ADDTIME(expr1, expr2)

ADDTIME adds expr2 to expr1 and returns the result. expr1 is a time or datetime expression and expr2 is a time expression.

Thursday, May 19

How to Add your Facebook Application on your facebook Page.

I wanted to create a facebook application exclusively for a Page. After signing up at facebook for creating a App, I wrote down the code, uploaded it on the server. To add your Code to a Page,
Go to your application settings page => Facebook Integration and then enter details for Page Tabs

Once you add the page tabs details,  Go to your Application page. And from there add your application to your page by clicking on the link as shown in the image below.

Open Application Page from Facebook App settings

Application Page

Tuesday, May 17

Using Jquery Check if radio button is selected

I had to validate a form for checking if a radio button is selected or not using jquery.

The html code

<input type="radio" name="user_type" value="1">Individual<br />
<input type="radio" name="user_type" value="2">Firm / Organization<br />

Searching on google i found out this script which best suited my requirements

if(!$("input[@name = 'user_type']:checked").val()){
     error = "Please select user type from given options";

Wednesday, May 11

Using Conditional statements in mysql query

I had a field in mysql table which stored a boolean value.
While retrieving it from the database using mysql query, i wanted to display 'yes' / 'No' instead of 0 or 1. I could have done this in php, but this can also been directly using mysql query

if(field_name > 0, 'Yes', 'No') as required_field
FROM mysql_table

If the condition succeeds, then it return 'Yes'  and if the condition fails it returns 'No'

You can find further information on mysql documentation here

IF(expr1, expr2, expr3)

If Expr1 is TRUE (Expr1 <> NULL and Expr1 <> 0 ) then IF() returns Expr2 otherwise it returns Expr3
IF() returns a numeric or string value, depending on the context in which it is used.

How to FORMAT a UnixTimestamp to Proper Date in Mysql Query

To store date in the database, the preferred method is to have it in the unix timestamp format.
For eg,
$date = strtotime("now"); // 1305116135

To retrieve the date, we can use php function date() to get the date back in string, formatted according to the given format string

For eg,
$date = date('Y m d', $date); // 11-05-2011

However instead of doing it in the Php code, we can directly do it while querying in Mysql

For eg
DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(date_field)) as new_date
FROM table_name;

We can also format the date using the date_format function in mysql
For eg
DATE_FORMAT(DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(date_field)), '%d-%m-%Y') as new_date
FROM table_name;

Wednesday, April 20

As long as i see Music, My phone is not stolen.
I know this is a weird statement, but its stuck on my brain since morning.

Wednesday, March 23

The Alchimist - A Magical Fable About Following Your Dream

I got an opportunity to read this book. I had only heard once about this book from a friend. The alchimist by Paulo Coelho is one of  the finest book i have ever read. Its about following your dreams. The protagonist is a Shepard, a believer and a dream follower. The book shows us how to count our blessings, live with the facts and the most important trust in your own self.

I have noted down some of the most remarkable excerpts here.

If you start out by promising what you don't even have yet, you'll loose your desire to work toward getting it.
The principal of favorability - When you play cards the first time, you are almost sure to win. Beginner's luck.
Why is that? Because there is a force that wants you to realize your destiny, it whets your appetite with a taste of success.
When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.
I'm like everyone else. I see the world in terms of what i would like to see happen, not what actually does.
Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.
The closer one gets to realizing his destiny, the more that destiny becomes his true reason for being.
We are afraid of losing what we have, whether it's our life or our possessions and property. But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world were written by the same hand.
The principal that governs all things, its called the SOUL of the world. When you want something with all your heart , that's when you are closest to the soul of the world. Its always a positive force. Everything on the face of the earth had a soul, whether a mineral, vegetable or an animal - or even just a simple thought.
Now , I'm beginning what i could have started ten years ago. But I'm happy at least I didn't wait twenty years.
It's not what enters men's mouths that is evil. It's what comes out of their mouth that is.

There are many more. This book is very inspiring and worth reading.

Monday, March 21

Jquery, Get a block of html in a variable.

I came across this situation where , i had to get a block of html code to store in a variable, along with the html off-course. I was using, jquery. you can do this using a simple jquery function html().
For eg. if your code is

<div id="mycode">
<p>My description</p>

Then your jquery code should be

var data = $("#mycode").html();
This snippet saved me a lot of time and i could achieve the requirement.

Tuesday, March 8

Php : Breaking a Long string using wordwrap function

While working on facebook application, the user email id can be a proxy id provided by facebook. This email id is a long piece of string. While displaying this email id, it would occupy most of the width on the page. I had to break the string using the php built in wordwrap function.

Consider this string.
$string = "";
To break the string so that it fits inside a td tag of width 300px use the wordwrap() function

$new_string = wordwrap($string,40,'<br />',true);
Check out the php manual here

Saturday, February 19

My First website project (2009)

Was just browsing my email and stumbled upon my first website project.(Had sent this design to a few people for suggestions).
I had done some designs before for this company, but none were approved. Here are two of the designs which still exists in my inbox. And you would not want to check the older one's. ;p Below are the images of website i had done in photoshop. It was about two years back. Design No 1, i had even converted to HTML.

Design No. 1
Home Page

About us page.
My Take on Design 1:
  • Looks total Crap.
  • No proper color selection. Too much of dark and Too much of light color. 
  • Forceful use of images. Images are not properly cut, designed , modified.
  • Typography is royally screwed up.
  • Overall rating : 2.5stars.
Design No 2
Home page
About page

Services Page

Clients Page

My Take on Design 2:
  • I call it a Master Piece. :)
  • I like the Footer. It is simple and sober. 
  • The color combination is also good.
  • The typography isn't that good. Still need to work on that.
  • Overall rating : 4 stars. :)
Since then, have more concentrated on PHP development. Have also done a great amount of CSS coding and its time that i jump back to some simple designing. Yeah, i know, you would say why this ass does not design his own blog. Yup i am working on it. Its not perfect as yet, but i love it. 

Getting FUTURE Dates in PHP

I came across this problem wherein, given a date, i had to get the next date depending on the number of days specified. For example, if the date is "17-02-2011", i had to find out what would be the date after 90 days from this given date. After searching online, and looking up in, i got this solution.

    $date = "17-02-2011";
    //get the date after 90 days
    $enddate = strtotime("$date + 90 days");
    echo $enddate = date("d-m-Y",$enddate);

//Output is 18-05-2011

Wednesday, January 26

Project Deadlines V/s Beautiful Code

What is more important. Project Deadline or Writing Beautiful Code. How do we make sure that we achieve both in a given project?

I remember i had a hour long debate with my previous employer about designing a website using the native table tag or following a div based pattern. It was about 6 months back. And yes we do have web consultants who still follow the table design pattern. 

He said, it did not matter on the coding standards as long as the website was complete before the deadline and the client was happy. Client does not understand html and he does not care. True. I agree to this. But what about SEO, the time it takes the website to load, a lot of messy code, which is difficult to modify in future? As a service provider we advertise and promote ourselves as the best software company. We talk about SEO, how simple, sleek and elegant websites we make but if we do not follow the basics, then how are we to achieve what we promise.

To this, he said
"no one cares about the code as long as the website is visually appealing. You see, thats the difference between you as a developer and me as a designer. "

The internet has been talking a lot about flash, web standards etc, but a corner side web development company with 2 designers, 2 marketing guys and a stupid developer does not care. No one cares about web standards as long as the website is up and ready.

If we start thinking about code quality, then we will require more time to finish the project. However a bunch of flash animation along with loads of images and a WYSIWYG editor like dream-weaver, you are ready with a website in no time.

If a client asks, why is the website so slow, when you show him the demo for the first time, you say , it will be a little slow for the first time, but later on it will be pretty fast as long as you don't delete the Cache.

Here we are calling ourselves your friendly neighborhood web development company.

Saturday, January 15

Web development Tools i prefer on a windows machine

Windows is my primary web development environment. I have been using windows since i got my computer around 7 yrs back. Though windows is very easy to use, some of the open source projects are difficult to use. And linux is the best OS for web development. At least that is what i have been reading in some blogs and some of the nice guys on IRC have told me.I have decided to shift my working environment to linux now and already have ubuntu ready. But before i switch, here is the list of tools i have been using so far.

1) Notepad++
This is the best text editor i feel so far. Before shifting to notepad++ i was using dreamweaver and found it a little slow. It has lots of features but would crash most of the time. I then switched to netbeans but netbeans was way to slow. The best option was notepad++. It is very fast and easy to use, of course not to forget it is free. I use the macro, and plug-ins like compare and regEx helper a lot. Apart from that, i also like its style configuration and zenburn is my favorite.
2) SQLyog
SQLyog MySQL GUI is the most powerful MySQL manager and admin tool, combining the features of MySQL Administrator, phpMyAdmin and other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL GUI tools.
 Yes, SQLyog is a desktop based software for your mysql needs. It is fast and user friendly,  and the best part is its query window. Most of the time, when writing a query in php, i prefer verifying it beforehand. So i use sqlyog. We can also use phpmyadmin, but since it is browser based, it takes a lot of time and sometimes its frustrating to work with it.

I also prefer to echo the query and run it in sqlyog to check the out. Had to do this when customizing drupal and some other projects like vtiger.


3) FireFox
Firefox is the best browser ever. And the best thing about it is its plugins. I have been using firefox for a long time now and will continue to use. Following are the plugins i use on a daily basis.
a) Firebug: It is the best thing a web developer could ever ask for. For debugging css, testing javascript and even ajax, firebug is what you need.

b) Yslow: This plug-in helps better your web development, by providing numbers about the http requests, the number of css files/JavaScript files etc. Click here to learn more about it.

c) Colorzilla: Colorzilla is yet another tool i prefer. It has a eyedropper which selects any color in the browser providing the hex code for your css.

d) MeasureIt : This is a very handy tool, provides the pixel size of any area you wish on the browser. Just drag it to the width and height you want and you get the pixel values.

e) Web developer toolbar: Another tool for quick web development. I have used its css window to write the css and get the output in real time. A very nice and handy feature. I am yet to explore its features.

f) Dummy image generator: I use this tool a lot, to get some dummy images.Just enter the width and height and generate the image.

g) Lorem ipsum generator : Like the dummy image generator, this plugin helps generate text. Very quick.

This is a great desktop application for prototyping, wire-framing etc. Easy to use. We normally use this for documentation and creating wire-frames so that it becomes easy to start coding. We have the entire flow of the project with us. This makes life very easy. I have also tried using Axure RP, balsamiq but finally settled with serena.

5) Filezilla
I have been using this for about 8 months now. I sure need a new ftp client. Before that i was using winSCP. I am still on hunt to get a good ftp client. I tried getting a ftp plugin for notepad++ but it would crash everytime. :( Anyways, if you have any better suggestions do drop in a comment.

Of Course, this should top in the list. Have been using it from past one year, Before that i was using Xampp. However i don't find any difference. Yeah WAMP had crashed once, and i had to waste an entire day on it to backup my projects, database and re-install it. I hope it does not happen again.

7) Tortoise SVN
SVN is the best thing. Helps keep track of your projects, each files and maintains a log. I have a post on how to configure XAMPP with SVN. We have a dedicated linux machine now for storing all our repositories. And we get the files using Tortoise svn client on windows machine.

I now plan to start developing on linux. I have already got ubuntu 10.10 installed on my machine with LAMP configured. Configuring LAMP was very easy, just one command and it does the trick for you. Also i plan to start developing in Ruby on rails, and i think linux is the best environment for ruby. 

Conclusion :
Windows is a good operating system, but since all our servers are linux, it is better to get a taste of it too. I remember one of the problems in my early years of career i faced was that linux considers JPG and jpg as different files. I had a hard time figuring this out. :)

What tools/operating system you prefer for web development. Do post it in comments and if you have any suggestions, i'd love to hear...Thanks

Friday, January 7

Time Pass

Time Pass with photoshop.
Nothing to Do. Nope, I got lots to do. Initially i tried getting the famous middle finger through my mouse. But it all looked messy. So got this pic from internet.

Sunday, January 2

Why my engineering degree sucks

Edit :  I wrote the post first and realized the title was missing. The title is not directly related to the post and....never mind..just read if you have time to waste!!!.

After graduating, I've realized that it was not worth it. Yeah my engineering degree sucks. And i am to blame culpable for it. But lets not go deeper.
The other day i was having tea with a colleague and i remembered this incident that occurred during my engineering days.I just want to keep it alive.So a post dedicated to it.

Just as any college, it was the season of inter college competitions. A very well known private college ranked 2nd in Goa had organized it. To skip the classes and project work we all decided to attend it. There was this event, don't know what it was called, but the main task was to design a HTML layout for a image provided.

Some of the best minds from my college gathered together. We made groups of two and started reading that NIIT Html tutorial book. They said html was very easy. And i even knew what it stood for. I was confident, happy and enjoying. I still remember i could not understand what iframes were and so i asked this friend, who answered all my stupid questions with patience. My partner and I were not so worried and i did not care much.
The competition was about to start, i was still not sure what iFrames were and my friend was busy explaining me again and again.

We entered the computer lab, where the competition was held.Me and Raja choose the corner PC. They had a projector with an image of a webpage and we had to write the layout in html. We were given notepad. We knew how to use dreamweaver (i am not sure, but lets assume we knew) but had never tried actually coding even the basic html layout. Without loosing a single second, we said, lets get our hands dirty and start competing.

hyper text markup language

Disaster part 1
But how do we start? Both me and my partner were not sure.
Lets start with the tags he said. Ok. We have the <html> start and </html> end. In between we have <head> start and </head> end and then the <body> start and </body> end. All done. Now lets enter the <title> tag.

He: The title tag comes insde the <head> tag.
Me: Nope, It comes outside the <head>.
He: Dude, lets try both
Me : Ok

I  was confident that the title tag comes outside the head tag. We tried my method first. Opening the file on browser, it was blank. Full white. (white screen of death as we call it in drupal). I was shocked it did not work, he was happy. We tried his method. Put the <title> tag inside <head> tag. It was again white (or the white screen of death). We were both confused.

Disaster part 2
We were trying to get a title of the page as displayed on the image using the title tag. We should have seen the title when we tried second time, but alas we were expecting it to appear somewhere else. We tried and tried harder. Others around us, were pretty fast and we could see some promising web layouts. We were still with the white screen. Not sure what to do, finally we ended up using a <h1> tag and surrounding it with the <center> tag. Thank god, something did appear on the screen.
Time ran out, we were giggling and cracking jokes and time for the jury to arrive. I think our's was the 4th turn. Our neighbors were kind enough to tell us about how they used CSS, Html and were a little short of time else they could also have implemented the JavaScript image switcher.

Disaster Part 3
The judge followed by the volunteers peeped into our machine. We had nothing to show. And what we explained  was another disaster which i think i'll skip here. ;) 

We discussed for a while. Had a hearty lough about the disaster and we forgot. Rest of the engineering, we were busy doing submissions.(Submission is a fucked up thing - and it deserves another post)

The entire 45minutes given to us, we were confused as to where the fuck title tag appears in the html. Now i know. And now i know he was right. And now i know, i missed a lot, i did not know the basics, i did not know nothing. And now you should know, it was my final year of engineering. Yeah, i know i should be ashamed of myself, but the fact is fact and No one can change.

P.S : This was way back in 2008 and things have changed. And what you should know is, that i know a lot of web and i work as a web developer in a small company.

P.S : Before i learned about the web, there were some more incidents (hilarious, stupid, fucked up) which i plan to post it here.
2010 Kicked my Ass.
Its time to return the Favor..