Sunday, December 12

Next big thing?

Some days back i read this article from 37signal about the number one competitor. I totally agree to it, that email is the next big thing. Its always the BIG thing. I did not give a deep thought to it then, until i actually experienced the power of email.

You might argue that FACEBOOK is the next big thing. Even i believed that before. But not now.

Some days back i had some email's exchanged with some fools. I have them properly documented with labels for future reference.

Also, i had started a email thread with five of my friends to take a opinion on what should i buy , a laptop or a desktop and what configuration. It was a success as i got to learn a lot. Simple and fast.

I could have put up a thread on facebook, but facebook is way too open and i dnt want all my friend's opinion. I could have put it up on some forum, but i would not check it everyday for replies and eventually it would die.

I have the email nicely documented for future reference with label and in future i plan to start similar email conversations

Email is the BIG thing.

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