Sunday, December 5

It is always about "Me"

I call it the "about me syndrome". Take any situation, anything which goes against you. And the first question you'd ask is why me?. Why always me? I've worked so hard, then why me?. 

Here is an interesting conversation, that could happen in a company.

Disclaimer : Before you read, you should know that this is just my imagination (fictional).

Chetan : Hey, can you do this changes real quick, i need to get the site live as soon as possible.
Mohan : Yes sir. I will do it right away

C : Your boss says, you'll be able to finish that module for our website real soon by next week.
M : Yeah, i hope to finish it. It is just that ill have to work a little harder.

C: You really work hard.
M: Yeah, its my job. I love doing it.

C: You know i have put a lot of money in this. It's a dream project for me.
M: yes i understand. Its a great honor to work and be a part of this project

C: So tell me, how much does the designer earn?
M: Hmm...I am not sure. Never asked

C: And how much do you get?
M: I get $$.

C: shocked reaction. Mouth open.  Ok. Your boss tells me you get $$ * 2. But you get only $$. smile and a joke follows. I think ill have to speak to your boss why me being charged so much and i need a huge discount..
M: Ohh please don't do that..

C: Hehe..I was just kidding, don't worry...

C leaves the office...

M: wow, i did not know all this..But why did he not say, i was payed very less?? and that i should be payed more? Why me?

Conclusion : Its alway about me

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