Monday, December 20

whats in my mind?

In no particular order.
  • Core 2 duo or dual core
  • Graphics card / No graphics card
  • 1TB or more??
  • Ruby on Rails
  • django
  • Python
  • CodeIgnitor
  • Redesign the blog?? Atleast a Logo?
  • jmeter
  • html5 / css3
  • Zend - php 5.3
  • jquery / Ajax
  • Do i have a life?
  • Get pending salary and some self respect from those stupid friends assholes.
  • My existence.
  • Laptop or Desktop

Sunday, December 19

Start a Biz with No capital?

I always had this question, whether it was possible to start a Business with next to Zero investment.A Typical scenario of a just passed out student from a good grad school with great scores.

Following are the conditions
  1. No Money to start with.
  2. No Investors or partners. You are all alone to begin with.
  3. You cannot take your friends help , No personal favors
  4. You can use your existing resources for your disposal to get some money. Now that does not mean, you sell your house, vehicle etc.
  5. It should be interesting, and you should like doing it. 
With this scenario in mind, what is the best way to to earn some quick money, and then use that money to grow. (quick money does not mean EASY MONEY).

The first thing that came up in my mind was starting a mobile recharge business, very little investment, probably a cell phone (which we already have), and some cash to get the recharge vouchers.
Pros :
  1. very little investment.
  2. No need of setup (Shop, accessories, furniture).
Cons :
  1. Very little profit, almost nill.
  2. The first customers you'd have, sure will be your friends and family members.
  3. Initially you need to advertise, and the cost of advertisement here is more and not required.
  4. No Growth. Well you can get a shop and then start a mobile repairing / mobile retail shop, but it will not be immediate and may take years.
  5. The most important, would i ever want to start a business which does not interest me, or makes me happy. NO.
Conclusion : The mobile recharge business though the simplest, easiest, and  fastest to start,  has much more disadvantages. So technically it is crap.

Back to square one.
There can be many other options, such as a small restaurant, Pc repairing services etc but will it earn us enough on the first month itself, that we start growing exponentially?

I asked this question to few of my friends, interestingly all of them are either studying MBA or passed out MBA's. We never came to a solution , a idea or anything that can be both interesting and can help you grow exponentially without investing much money.

However i had this friend, who was quite sure, and confident that it is not possible to start a business without any capital, minimum at least 1 LAKH indian rupees. I disagreed on the lakh rupees, but i was not able to convince him, that we could earn money with minimum investment.

I know there are great people out there who are millionaire who started from almost nothing, and if i search on internet thousands of articles would pop out, But still this is a question to think about, well at least for me.

Now that i am thinking about the business, lets not forget about the risk it involves, the 50% chances that it might fail, loosing all the money you ever had, and your valuable time.
But again, we would never know whether we would succeed or fail unless we tried. Having two states of mind is a Yes/No kind of situation adds to your dilemma.

Oh and while i am typing this, i just realized, that we are trying to answer a wrong question. The correct question is, whether is it the right time to start a business? 

Courtesy : Internet.
- From "Yet another Procrastinator".

Sunday, December 12

Next big thing?

Some days back i read this article from 37signal about the number one competitor. I totally agree to it, that email is the next big thing. Its always the BIG thing. I did not give a deep thought to it then, until i actually experienced the power of email.

You might argue that FACEBOOK is the next big thing. Even i believed that before. But not now.

Some days back i had some email's exchanged with some fools. I have them properly documented with labels for future reference.

Also, i had started a email thread with five of my friends to take a opinion on what should i buy , a laptop or a desktop and what configuration. It was a success as i got to learn a lot. Simple and fast.

I could have put up a thread on facebook, but facebook is way too open and i dnt want all my friend's opinion. I could have put it up on some forum, but i would not check it everyday for replies and eventually it would die.

I have the email nicely documented for future reference with label and in future i plan to start similar email conversations

Email is the BIG thing.

Sunday, December 5

It is always about "Me"

I call it the "about me syndrome". Take any situation, anything which goes against you. And the first question you'd ask is why me?. Why always me? I've worked so hard, then why me?. 

Here is an interesting conversation, that could happen in a company.

Disclaimer : Before you read, you should know that this is just my imagination (fictional).

Chetan : Hey, can you do this changes real quick, i need to get the site live as soon as possible.
Mohan : Yes sir. I will do it right away

C : Your boss says, you'll be able to finish that module for our website real soon by next week.
M : Yeah, i hope to finish it. It is just that ill have to work a little harder.

C: You really work hard.
M: Yeah, its my job. I love doing it.

C: You know i have put a lot of money in this. It's a dream project for me.
M: yes i understand. Its a great honor to work and be a part of this project

C: So tell me, how much does the designer earn?
M: Hmm...I am not sure. Never asked

C: And how much do you get?
M: I get $$.

C: shocked reaction. Mouth open.  Ok. Your boss tells me you get $$ * 2. But you get only $$. smile and a joke follows. I think ill have to speak to your boss why me being charged so much and i need a huge discount..
M: Ohh please don't do that..

C: Hehe..I was just kidding, don't worry...

C leaves the office...

M: wow, i did not know all this..But why did he not say, i was payed very less?? and that i should be payed more? Why me?

Conclusion : Its alway about me