Sunday, October 24

Dead or ALive????

This blog is been dead for past 6 months(?) or more..Its been a great roller coaster kinda life for almost a year now after since i've left my old home. Searching a job, getting a fucked up job and leaving that job to find something better....Typical normal human life. Nothing worst, but nothing better either..

So why am i here today you ask?
I dnt know either..I am in the middle of a project submission, its a sunday evening and am working and suddenly i think of this blog. So here i am...I dnt have loads of readers but at least let me feel and enjoy my existence.

What next?
I start blogging again. Every sunday. Well thats what i think i will do as of writing this sentence. I have had two more blogs before, which are dead. I killed them because i could not give much time to them. But lets keep this one alive..shall we?


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  1. I find your blog today.
    Very interesting articles.
    Please keep it alive.