Thursday, March 11

Facebook and 2 reasons why it sucks.

Facebook is a place to hangout. It is suppose to be a fun place. Take a survey and you will not be surprised to find that majority of the people log in to facebook first thing in the morning. Now that facebook is super fast and that there are so many things you can do on this No.1  social networking site, here are two points which users should not do.
P.S : This is my opinion.

First things first. why the hell you have to like your own posts. Does it not make sense that you would have not posted, if you had not liked it in the very first place. OK, before we go any further, you can read a blog post by facebook on the "I like this" feature. This post tells us what was the actual reason for this feature to get implemented. This helps your friends to express their views in just one click. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE YOUR OWN POST. Wtf is wrong with you? Get a life.

2) FAN.
You become fan of aamir khan, amitabh bachan, sachin tendulkar, Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden. It sounds great. you become fan and then you contribute your thoughts and learn about from other's comments. You share knowledge. You can learn about facebook pages here. But what happens when some crazy people create pages and then there are more stupid people (thousands in number) who become fans?? NOTHING HAPPENS. People become fans and then comment once or twice and then do not even bother about it later.
Ok, thats not the end. We have users who become fans because they just like the fan club.For example the "I HATE CIGERATES fan club" Yup they exists. I have one question. What do you try to prove by becoming a fan. You become fan of things you hate? Seriously this is so fucked up.
 PS : This is just a fun post. Your comments on this are valuable. You may not like this post and if that is the case, you should know that  i am working on the like feature on blogger so that i can start liking my own posts.

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