Monday, January 18

JQuery - Lesson Learned

Jquery is full of awesomeness. Love this javascript library which makes working with web applications so much easy. Have been working on with it past so many months. And the best thing about jquery is there are already developed jquery plugins. Yes , they are free and very useful.

Some time back i had to work on web page which had a verfiy and delete option for the admin. Upon clicking on verify/Delete i wanted to pop up an alert confirmation box. Could have used javascript but then came across  a jQuery alert plugin. The best part about this plugin is you can style your alert box. So i decided to use this plugin. Very easy to integrate , i had done exactly as mentioned in the tutorials plus also checked out 9lessons tutorials.

All set , i tested out the code , but to my disappointment , it did not work. I checked the code and re-checked it for any syntax errors but all in vain. Tried googleing out the issue and also posted the issue on stackoverflow here. This cost me more then 3 hrs.  

Soon after when i was about to give up, I landed on the documentation of the alert plugin and a small line got my attention. It said , the plugin requires jquery to be of version 1.2.6 or above. Immediately i checked my jquery version , and to my surprise i was using jquery version 1.2.2. Yeah quite an older one, but soon got myself the latest version of jquery.

Lesson learned :
1) Never Give up.
2) Read documentations properly.

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