Monday, December 20

whats in my mind?

In no particular order.
  • Core 2 duo or dual core
  • Graphics card / No graphics card
  • 1TB or more??
  • Ruby on Rails
  • django
  • Python
  • CodeIgnitor
  • Redesign the blog?? Atleast a Logo?
  • jmeter
  • html5 / css3
  • Zend - php 5.3
  • jquery / Ajax
  • Do i have a life?
  • Get pending salary and some self respect from those stupid friends assholes.
  • My existence.
  • Laptop or Desktop

Sunday, December 19

Start a Biz with No capital?

I always had this question, whether it was possible to start a Business with next to Zero investment.A Typical scenario of a just passed out student from a good grad school with great scores.

Following are the conditions
  1. No Money to start with.
  2. No Investors or partners. You are all alone to begin with.
  3. You cannot take your friends help , No personal favors
  4. You can use your existing resources for your disposal to get some money. Now that does not mean, you sell your house, vehicle etc.
  5. It should be interesting, and you should like doing it. 
With this scenario in mind, what is the best way to to earn some quick money, and then use that money to grow. (quick money does not mean EASY MONEY).

The first thing that came up in my mind was starting a mobile recharge business, very little investment, probably a cell phone (which we already have), and some cash to get the recharge vouchers.
Pros :
  1. very little investment.
  2. No need of setup (Shop, accessories, furniture).
Cons :
  1. Very little profit, almost nill.
  2. The first customers you'd have, sure will be your friends and family members.
  3. Initially you need to advertise, and the cost of advertisement here is more and not required.
  4. No Growth. Well you can get a shop and then start a mobile repairing / mobile retail shop, but it will not be immediate and may take years.
  5. The most important, would i ever want to start a business which does not interest me, or makes me happy. NO.
Conclusion : The mobile recharge business though the simplest, easiest, and  fastest to start,  has much more disadvantages. So technically it is crap.

Back to square one.
There can be many other options, such as a small restaurant, Pc repairing services etc but will it earn us enough on the first month itself, that we start growing exponentially?

I asked this question to few of my friends, interestingly all of them are either studying MBA or passed out MBA's. We never came to a solution , a idea or anything that can be both interesting and can help you grow exponentially without investing much money.

However i had this friend, who was quite sure, and confident that it is not possible to start a business without any capital, minimum at least 1 LAKH indian rupees. I disagreed on the lakh rupees, but i was not able to convince him, that we could earn money with minimum investment.

I know there are great people out there who are millionaire who started from almost nothing, and if i search on internet thousands of articles would pop out, But still this is a question to think about, well at least for me.

Now that i am thinking about the business, lets not forget about the risk it involves, the 50% chances that it might fail, loosing all the money you ever had, and your valuable time.
But again, we would never know whether we would succeed or fail unless we tried. Having two states of mind is a Yes/No kind of situation adds to your dilemma.

Oh and while i am typing this, i just realized, that we are trying to answer a wrong question. The correct question is, whether is it the right time to start a business? 

Courtesy : Internet.
- From "Yet another Procrastinator".

Sunday, December 12

Next big thing?

Some days back i read this article from 37signal about the number one competitor. I totally agree to it, that email is the next big thing. Its always the BIG thing. I did not give a deep thought to it then, until i actually experienced the power of email.

You might argue that FACEBOOK is the next big thing. Even i believed that before. But not now.

Some days back i had some email's exchanged with some fools. I have them properly documented with labels for future reference.

Also, i had started a email thread with five of my friends to take a opinion on what should i buy , a laptop or a desktop and what configuration. It was a success as i got to learn a lot. Simple and fast.

I could have put up a thread on facebook, but facebook is way too open and i dnt want all my friend's opinion. I could have put it up on some forum, but i would not check it everyday for replies and eventually it would die.

I have the email nicely documented for future reference with label and in future i plan to start similar email conversations

Email is the BIG thing.

Sunday, December 5

It is always about "Me"

I call it the "about me syndrome". Take any situation, anything which goes against you. And the first question you'd ask is why me?. Why always me? I've worked so hard, then why me?. 

Here is an interesting conversation, that could happen in a company.

Disclaimer : Before you read, you should know that this is just my imagination (fictional).

Chetan : Hey, can you do this changes real quick, i need to get the site live as soon as possible.
Mohan : Yes sir. I will do it right away

C : Your boss says, you'll be able to finish that module for our website real soon by next week.
M : Yeah, i hope to finish it. It is just that ill have to work a little harder.

C: You really work hard.
M: Yeah, its my job. I love doing it.

C: You know i have put a lot of money in this. It's a dream project for me.
M: yes i understand. Its a great honor to work and be a part of this project

C: So tell me, how much does the designer earn?
M: Hmm...I am not sure. Never asked

C: And how much do you get?
M: I get $$.

C: shocked reaction. Mouth open.  Ok. Your boss tells me you get $$ * 2. But you get only $$. smile and a joke follows. I think ill have to speak to your boss why me being charged so much and i need a huge discount..
M: Ohh please don't do that..

C: Hehe..I was just kidding, don't worry...

C leaves the office...

M: wow, i did not know all this..But why did he not say, i was payed very less?? and that i should be payed more? Why me?

Conclusion : Its alway about me

Sunday, October 24

Dead or ALive????

This blog is been dead for past 6 months(?) or more..Its been a great roller coaster kinda life for almost a year now after since i've left my old home. Searching a job, getting a fucked up job and leaving that job to find something better....Typical normal human life. Nothing worst, but nothing better either..

So why am i here today you ask?
I dnt know either..I am in the middle of a project submission, its a sunday evening and am working and suddenly i think of this blog. So here i am...I dnt have loads of readers but at least let me feel and enjoy my existence.

What next?
I start blogging again. Every sunday. Well thats what i think i will do as of writing this sentence. I have had two more blogs before, which are dead. I killed them because i could not give much time to them. But lets keep this one alive..shall we?


Tuesday, April 13

CSS specificity - What if "id" and "class" with same name applied to a div element??

A CSS quick question. If you have a id and a class with same name applied to a division tag, then what rule will be applied.
Now a common and most logical answer would be whichever rule is defined later in the stylesheet, will be applied to the division tag. Sounds good, but this is not the correct answer or explanation. In such situation, CSS specificity is what comes into the picture.

The correct answer is the CSS rule defined by id is more specific and gets applied to the html document.
Let us demonstrate through an example.

Case 1: CSS class defined first and then id defined later.
<title>CSS specificity</title>
<style type="text/css">
          .simple p{
         #simple p{


<div class="simple" id="simple">
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

 Output : The browser assigns the paragraph a color blue.

Case 2: id defined first and then class.

<title>CSS specificity</title>
        <style type="text/css">
               #simple p{
              .simple p{
<div class="simple" id="simple">
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Output : The paragraph is still in blue.

Conclusion : id's are more specific than class.

Saturday, March 20

Subversion , TortoiseSVN and configuring it with XAMPP.

What is subversion ?
As quoted by wikipedia
In software development, Subversion (SVN) (from February 2010 also named Apache Subversion ) is a version-control system initiated in 2000 by CollabNet Inc. Developers use Subversion to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation. Its goal is to be a mostly-compatible successor to the widely used Concurrent Versions System (CVS).
Well above is a formal definition of subversion. But why subversion?
OK, some days back even I did not know what exactly is subversion and why we need it. Read an article on it that said, subversion was extremely useful for keeping a track on and maintaining a project.

I have worked with some web development projects. Have designed some sites from scratch. It was not done in a day. So to keep a track of my everyday changes, either I would write it down on a book, or create a backup copy of the project and rename the folder with the date. For example Project_18thmarch. I know this is LAME but we had to have some kind of record for that. This is very very tedious, eats up lots of your storage, creates multiple copies of your project and also, does not serve the purpose. Instead of making it simple, this makes keeping a track on your project worse.

What subversion does for you?
Well this open source software, keeps a track of your project for you. Not only does it keep track of files, but also watches the file data for you. Any changes in any line of any file is being tracked for you. This software is widely used all over, and also, it helps many developers work on the same project at the same time. It was widely used by open source community for projects for example in projects such as Apache Software Foundation, Free Pascal, FreeBSD, GCC, Django, Ruby, Mono, SourceForge, ExtJS,, PHP and MediaWiki.

Before you read further, a point to note. 
I will be writing here about subversion as an individuals POV. Subversion is widely used when a team is concerned. But here, i have installed it on my local system so that i alone can keep track of it.

Requirements :
1) XAMPP (I am using XAMPP windows version 1.7.1)
(apache version : 2.2.11 ,  php version 5.2.9 , Mysql version : 5.1.33)
2) Subversion
3) TortoiseSVN

Now that I already had installed XAMPP on my windows machine and did not want to disturb its working, I had to search for some tutorials which would allow me to configure subversion with already installed XAMPP.

You can get the latest version of subversion from here. Since we are using Apache 2.2.x, we need subversion which is configurable to apache. A word of advice here , please make sure your subversion is compatible to apache. This will save a lot of time.
I used subversion version 1.6.5 stable i.e ( : Subversion Win32 binaries for Apache 2.2.x (2.2.11 or higher is required within the 2.2.x series))

TortoiseSVN : It is a subversion client for windows. It has a GUI and helps dealing with subversion repositeries. The latest TortoiseSVN version available is 1.6.7 and you can get it from here.

Procedure :
1) First step is to Turn off your apache , mysql services from your xampp control panel

2) Unzip subversion in your hard disk. My location was C:/Program Files/Subversion

3) Install tortoiseSVN. It is a simple to follow installer. My installation was in C:/Program Files/TortoiseSVN. Once you install it, you can see it in your context menu (Right click on desktop).

4) Now add the subversion bin directory to environment variable. Here is Microsoft’s definition to environment variable

Environment variables are strings that contain information such as drive, path, or file name. They control the behavior of various programs. For example, the TEMP environment variable specifies the location in which programs place temporary files.

Right click My computer -> properties -> Advance -> environment variable -> Double click on Path and then add this string. For me it is C:/Program Files/subversion/bin.

5) Next step is to include the mod files, into apache modules. Go to C:/Program Files/subversion/bin and copy the following two files.

6) Now Copy the following files from subversion bin directory i.e C:/Program Files/subversion/bin 
Paste the above files into apache bin directory i.e C:/xampp/apache/bin

7) Now you need to change the httpd.conf file from apache.
Go to C:/xampp/apache/conf and open httpd.conf in your editor. Search and Uncomment the following lines

LoadModule dav_svn_module modules/
LoadModule authz_svn_module modules/

8) Next is to add the location of subversion repositories in your httpd.conf file so that apache knows where to look for them
Add the following lines of code at the bottom in your httpd.conf file.
<location /svn>
   DAV svn
   SVNParentPath c:/svn
   AuthType Basic
   AuthName "All my repositories"
   AuthUserFile c:/svn/passwords
   Require valid-user
I got this configured from here. You can visit this article; it explains each line of code. I have created a directory called svn in C: drive so that I can keep track of multiple subversion repositories. For this I have used the svnParentPath directive.
We can provide a username and password so that only intended user can get to browse the repositories.
The AuthUserFile directive can be used to provide the password file. You can create this password file through apache’s htpasswd utility for managing the list of acceptable usernames and passwords, those to whom you wish to grant special access to your Subversion repository.
In this example I have created the password file in svn directory.

Go to command prompt (start -> Run -> cmd) and get down to your C: drive.
Browse in to your apache directory in command prompt.
C:/xampp/apache/bin>htpasswd.exe –c C:/svn/passwords admin and then hit enter. You will be prompted to enter a password. This password will be converted to md5 and saved along with your username.
 10) Now Turn On your xampp control panel. And start your apache and mysql services. Sometimes the apache service may not start. It happened to me many times. And the xampp control panel would not give any error. The best step here would be to start apache manually through your command prompt. Go to C:/xampp/apache/bin/apache. The figure below will give a better idea.

What I did was to shut down and restart my system. Also I had first installed a lower version of subversion i.e SVN 1.5.6 and I intended to using it with the latest version of TortoiseSVN 1.6.7. However a lot of google search and some questions over stackoverflow made me realize that I had to use proper versions of both the softwares.

Now create your project folder in svn directory. Name it "test". Now if you point your browser to http://localhost/svn/test then you will be asked for username and password. Enter the required fields and then you get the following error.

I haven’t done any research on this, but my guess is that since we do not have any repositories created yet , we get this error. So let us now create repositories.

What is a repository?
The repository stored information in the form of a file system tree – typical hierarchies of files and directories. Repository is kind of a file server, but what makes the subversion repository special is that it resembles every change ever written, and even changes to the directory tree itself, such as the addition, deletion and rearrangement of files and directives.
Our next step is to create a repository. Go to the test folder and right click on it. Select tortoise svn and then select create repository.

Now you can point your browser to http://localhost/svn/test
Enter the username and password.
It shows revision 0. This is the default revision, and since we do not have any files in the repository , it is empty.
Let us create our first project and import some files in the repository.

1) We create a test folder in our root folder. i.e in htdocs folder. Next we create a php file and enter some text in it. Now we need to import this project in our repository.

2) Now import this Project in your repository.Right Click on the project folder, i.e test in my case, then select Tortoise SVN and then select Import. After clicking on import you will have to select the repository directory. In my case it is file:///C:/svn/test
You can add a message to your import. Try to be descriptive in your message so that it helps in future.

After you click OK, the import will take place.
3) Now that I have created a repository, Next step is to start working on the project. For that we do a svn checkout. Svn checkout will help you get the latest working copy of your project from the repository. Go to your htdocs folder in C:/xampp/htdocs and right click. Click on SVN Checkout.

After SVN checkout is finished, it will show the revision number which is revision 1. And then you will have a working copy of your project.
The working copy has a green tick mark. Even the files inside the folder get a tick mark.

4) Now you can start working with your project. But first thing to note here is. Every time your work on your project, make sure you update the working copy. This is useful when there are many developers working on the same project simultaneously.
Right click on your working project, i.e Test folder and then SVN Update.

5) You can now start creating new files, or edit your old files. The new files added, edited will then be shown with a red image. This tell us that, these new files are added and yet to be committed in the repository.

6) After making changes you can then commit with SVN.

PS: I am no expert in SVN and in a pursuit to learn more about it. I had a very difficult time configuring SVN with XAMPP. The reason being.
a) I had installed a lower version of SVN and a higher version of Tortoise SVN. They were not compatible with each other. I learned about it, when I spent some time reading the documentation. So it is worth noting here, that whenever you install any software, check for its version and check for its compatibility.
b) On my machine XAMPP starts automatically on windows. I did not take much care about xampp, but when copying the mod files in module, it gave errors. So it is better to stop all the xampp services, configure your subversion and TortoiseSVN  and then restart your XAMPP.
c) Sometimes some changes do not affect immediately. It is a good practice to restart your system.

I hope this article helps anyone who wants to get started with subversion. This is a beginner lever tutorial. I have tried to avoid any mistakes, but if you find any, please point it out.

References and credits.

I had also posted a question on This is a very good site and you get a lot of help from people with similar interests in programming.

Thursday, March 11

Facebook and 2 reasons why it sucks.

Facebook is a place to hangout. It is suppose to be a fun place. Take a survey and you will not be surprised to find that majority of the people log in to facebook first thing in the morning. Now that facebook is super fast and that there are so many things you can do on this No.1  social networking site, here are two points which users should not do.
P.S : This is my opinion.

First things first. why the hell you have to like your own posts. Does it not make sense that you would have not posted, if you had not liked it in the very first place. OK, before we go any further, you can read a blog post by facebook on the "I like this" feature. This post tells us what was the actual reason for this feature to get implemented. This helps your friends to express their views in just one click. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE YOUR OWN POST. Wtf is wrong with you? Get a life.

2) FAN.
You become fan of aamir khan, amitabh bachan, sachin tendulkar, Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden. It sounds great. you become fan and then you contribute your thoughts and learn about from other's comments. You share knowledge. You can learn about facebook pages here. But what happens when some crazy people create pages and then there are more stupid people (thousands in number) who become fans?? NOTHING HAPPENS. People become fans and then comment once or twice and then do not even bother about it later.
Ok, thats not the end. We have users who become fans because they just like the fan club.For example the "I HATE CIGERATES fan club" Yup they exists. I have one question. What do you try to prove by becoming a fan. You become fan of things you hate? Seriously this is so fucked up.
 PS : This is just a fun post. Your comments on this are valuable. You may not like this post and if that is the case, you should know that  i am working on the like feature on blogger so that i can start liking my own posts.

Friday, February 5

Jquery UI datepicker widget appers behind the form, created using block UI PLugin.

I was working on a project, and had to use the jquery Block UI Plugin. I used this plugin to pop up a form for the user to submit. Also one of the fields in this form was of date, wherein the user had to choose his/her birthdate. For this field I thought of using the jQuery UI datepicker widget. After integrating the datepicker widget over the form , I had this issue which can clearly be seen in the image below. The datepicker  appeared at the bottom of the block UI and it was not clickable too. 

The main reason for this being that Block UI uses some z-index which is higher then that of the datepicker. So when we click over the birthday field in the form , the datepicker widget appears at the bottom.
The solution to this issue is that we change the z-index of the datepicker. Now the tricky part is where to make the changes. I went through all the CSS files used by the datepicker , but could not find where to make the required changes.

I then tried to make the changes at the ui.datepicker.css file , as shown below.

/* Datepicker
.ui-datepicker { width: 17em; padding: .2em .2em 0; z-index:9999;}
With the above changes to code, I could finally get the datepicker functioning over my form.

Well this was worth the note, and I hope it comes handy to someone like me.

Thursday, January 28

How to send mail from Localhost with XAMPP and mercury/32

Had tried to make php mail() work on localhost. But had failed. So gave up. This was around 8 months back. Now again some days back had to use the Php mail function on one project. This time I had the liberty to test my code on an external web server, but i tried again to make it work on my localhost.

A lot of google searching and some simple steps, I could make it work.So here sharing my experience with you. Hope this helps someone like me.

I use XAMPP as my local web server on my Windows machine. For php mail() function to work on the localhost, you need a SMTP mail server.


A Web server : Here we use the xampp package. You can download it from here. It is very easy to install and does not require any expertise.
A Mail server : Mercury/32 Mail Transport System is an excellent mail server bundled with XAMPP. So no need to search for any other mail server.
A Mail Client : You need to have a mail client to receive mails sent from localhost or basically from your Mercury/32 mail server. Mail clients include outlook express, thunderbird, Eudoramail etc. For this tutorial I will be using the default mail client available with Windows system , ie the outlook express.

The Steps to Configure Mercury/32 mail server

The following steps will guide you through the working of mail function on localhost.
1)      You need to start the localhost web server. The XAMPP in this case.

2) By default XAMPP will not start the mercury mail server. So you need to click on start to start the mercury/32 on the XAMPP control panel.

3)      Click on the Admin Button next to mercury on XAMPP control panel. This will open the Mercury/32 Admin Panel. Click on Configuration -> Manage Local users.


4)      Create a New User. Let
Username : root
Password : root

      5) Next, from the Mercury/32 Admin panel, Go to Configurations -> Mercury SMTP server and   make the following Changes.
            IP Interface to use :
            Listen to TCP/IP port : 25
            Announce Myself as :

      6)Next, from the Mercury/32 Admin Panel , Go to Configurations -> Mercury POP 3 Server and fill in the following details.
            Listen to TCP port : 110
            IP Interface to use :

       7) Next, from the Mercury/32 Admin Panel, Go to Configurations - > MercuryE SMTP client Configuration , and make the following changes
            Identify Myself as :
            Name server :

       8) Next step is from the Mercury/32 panel go to Configuration -> Mercury D pop3 client and there create a new Account. Click on “ADD” and then enter the following details for “Edit POP3 mailbox definition” dialog box.
            POP3 Host :
            Username : root
            Password  : root
           And then click on save.

This finishes Configuration of your Mercury/32 Mail transport system.

We now have to configure a mail client, so as to receive mails. We will use the windows default mail client, the outlook express. The following steps will guide you to create a user account on outlook express.

Steps to set up OUTLOOK EXPRESS

     1)Open Outlook express and then click on Tools -> Accounts -> Add, and then click on Mail

     2)For new Internet account on outlook express , create a new user
            Enter display name: root

            Enter email Id:

            Then click Next. On the Internet Connection wizard,
            Select POP3 for my incoming mail server.
            For Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP, HTTP) server, enter
            For Outgoing (SMTP) server, enter

            Click on Next and then , enter the following fields
            Account name : root
            Password : root
            Click on finish and you are ready to Go.

Once you have finished creating a account on Outlook express , send a test mail to yourself.

You can now test your php code to check if your script is working successfully or not.You can try this script. Copy the code and save it in a file for eg mail.php. Save this file in your root folder , for xampp it will be in your htdocs folder.

//php code to send mail,
//author : idrish laxmidhar
//Use this code to send a test mail from your localhost.

$to = "";
$subject = "Hi!";
$body.="Hello World. If all went well then you can see this mail in your Inbox".PHP_EOL;
$body.="Idrish Laxmidhar".PHP_EOL;

$headers = "From:";

if (mail($to, $subject, $body, $headers)) {
  echo("Message successfully sent!

 } else {
  echo("Message delivery failed...


 Run the script. If all went well, the script should execute successfully. Check your email. You should receive an e-mail.

Well this finishes the tutorial. Hope it helps someone out there. 
P.S This is my first attempt to write a tutorial. your queries or Suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks

Monday, January 18

JQuery - Lesson Learned

Jquery is full of awesomeness. Love this javascript library which makes working with web applications so much easy. Have been working on with it past so many months. And the best thing about jquery is there are already developed jquery plugins. Yes , they are free and very useful.

Some time back i had to work on web page which had a verfiy and delete option for the admin. Upon clicking on verify/Delete i wanted to pop up an alert confirmation box. Could have used javascript but then came across  a jQuery alert plugin. The best part about this plugin is you can style your alert box. So i decided to use this plugin. Very easy to integrate , i had done exactly as mentioned in the tutorials plus also checked out 9lessons tutorials.

All set , i tested out the code , but to my disappointment , it did not work. I checked the code and re-checked it for any syntax errors but all in vain. Tried googleing out the issue and also posted the issue on stackoverflow here. This cost me more then 3 hrs.  

Soon after when i was about to give up, I landed on the documentation of the alert plugin and a small line got my attention. It said , the plugin requires jquery to be of version 1.2.6 or above. Immediately i checked my jquery version , and to my surprise i was using jquery version 1.2.2. Yeah quite an older one, but soon got myself the latest version of jquery.

Lesson learned :
1) Never Give up.
2) Read documentations properly.

Saturday, January 9

Fwd Joke.

Got this damn funny awesome joke as a fwd on my mail. Could not resist putting it up on my blog. Thanks to samidha for forwarding it. Here it goes

Aaj Tak gets news that 100 sardars are killed in a train accident at
Amritsar station. Only one sardar left alive.

The correspondent goes to him and asks, "Sardarji how did it happen?"

Sardar: "Oh ji pucho mat. sab kuch sahi tha sab log platform par khade
gaadi ki wait kar rahe they. Achanak announcement hui ki shatabdee
express 2 no. platform par aa rahi hai. Jaise hi sab ne suna ki gaddi
PLATFORM PAR aa rahi hai, sab log apni jaan bachane ke liye patri par
kood gaye. Aur tabhi gaddi patri par aa gayi."

Aaj tak: "Thank god. Aap ne samajhdari dikhayee. Aap patri par nahin

Sardar: "oe nahin ji main to suicide karne ke liye patri par hi leta
tha. Jaise hi announcement hui main to platform par chad gaya ."

Enjoy your day..

Friday, January 1

happy new year

It was a splendid and awesome year 2k9 for me. Lots of downs and downs..Did nothing productive, no money and so the wish list i had made for 2k9 is still unfulfilled. Iphone is still a dream , but i am ready to compromise and settle down with some kool multimedia, smartphone or any cheaper pocketPc. Also owning a high end PC seems a day dream. Am still stuck with an intel celeron 1.1Ghz, 128MB Ram. Oh and by the way got myself a 160 GB hard disk which sums up my storage space to 200GB. With Doordarshan all day on TV, i am quite happy i can atleast watch movies on my PC or watch some video tuts.

Apart from gadgets, learned some great things, photoshop, dreamweaver, ajax and jquery. Designed some great websites well actually 2 of them which still ain't approved from whom they were designed for. Made a lot of F.R.I.E.N.D.S , watched movies, ate lots of chicken and kheema, used friends laptop, (actually typing this post from friends laptop), traveled alone to mumbai (my biggest achievement). So many things happened in 2k9 , dnt remember them now or may be they aren't worth remembering.

What up with 2k10
Earn money, get interesting work. Travel, eat in MacD and Kfc once every month, play latest PC games, buy Xbox 360 / PS 3 (whichever is cheaper), make some friends , make some more friends, Need for Speed - Shif , read books, buy some books, and the list grows as the day passes by.

Wish you a happy new year 2k10 !!!