Friday, January 1

happy new year

It was a splendid and awesome year 2k9 for me. Lots of downs and downs..Did nothing productive, no money and so the wish list i had made for 2k9 is still unfulfilled. Iphone is still a dream , but i am ready to compromise and settle down with some kool multimedia, smartphone or any cheaper pocketPc. Also owning a high end PC seems a day dream. Am still stuck with an intel celeron 1.1Ghz, 128MB Ram. Oh and by the way got myself a 160 GB hard disk which sums up my storage space to 200GB. With Doordarshan all day on TV, i am quite happy i can atleast watch movies on my PC or watch some video tuts.

Apart from gadgets, learned some great things, photoshop, dreamweaver, ajax and jquery. Designed some great websites well actually 2 of them which still ain't approved from whom they were designed for. Made a lot of F.R.I.E.N.D.S , watched movies, ate lots of chicken and kheema, used friends laptop, (actually typing this post from friends laptop), traveled alone to mumbai (my biggest achievement). So many things happened in 2k9 , dnt remember them now or may be they aren't worth remembering.

What up with 2k10
Earn money, get interesting work. Travel, eat in MacD and Kfc once every month, play latest PC games, buy Xbox 360 / PS 3 (whichever is cheaper), make some friends , make some more friends, Need for Speed - Shif , read books, buy some books, and the list grows as the day passes by.

Wish you a happy new year 2k10 !!!

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