Friday, November 13

Social Networking

Orkut Just changed its L00ks. I learned about it on twitter. To get a glimpse of what it changed to , you have to get invited , and so i requested a friend on twitter to invite me. Well the new orkut does'nt look so good. That's my perspective.

It is a very famous social networking site in India. I know most of my friends spend most of their time on this network. Mostly preferred in orkut was scraps. There was a lot of exchange of scraps in orkut with "Hi" and then a reply to it and then would continue what would i call a scrap chat. In the meantime orkut also incorporated the status update. However there is no comment system form the status update in orkut.

Facebook is said to be the number one social networking site. You would usually find people updating their status and then replying to other's status. Or working out some quiz like "who is your soul mate?" Or "When you will die?" or something like that. You don't have to be super intelligent to know that this are just simple, funny, never-true , time pass / time waster , vague , stupid quiz. But on contrary you will not be surprised to know the huge number of people taking them.

Why do people take such quiz?
Actually it may depend on every individual. But talking to some friends this is what i found out.
1) The obvious one is , to take a break and chill out doing some stupid quiz.
2) It is fun to read the results of the quiz. For eg , your soul mate is in Chicago, Or you will die when in sleep.
3) The comment system after every quiz is what is more fun. You take a quiz, get some stupid result and then a conversation over the same topic with your friends through the comment system is more fun. There is lot of Lo Ling, small funny comments and replies.

Facebook is famous for its small applications or games. You will find most of the time people poking their friends or throwing pastries and sharing virtual beers. There is really no great significance over this but facebook users enjoy poking.

Twitter is a micro blogging site. You get a maximum of 140 chars to say what you are doing right now? This is also the most widely used network. Twitter is mostly a good source of sharing information.

1)Apart from the fact that it is a way to interact with friends and family members, it is also a medium where you can make new friends. The latter part may not be true and most of the time users reject friendship request from unknown person.

2)You can keep in touch with your friends, share photographs, share music taste. Most important and most enjoyed by many users is the status update. You learn about your friends status, read about the comments and replies.

1) Sometimes it can be a time waster and eat up hell lot of your time. If you are a perfect human being (read : God) and know how to manage time (You have a time table and you strictly follow it), then may be this point is not valid for you.

2) Your status update and various other updates may sometimes put you in trouble. The comments can only be read , however there is no emotions visible. A simple joke over someone may sometimes prove a heart breaking liner for that person. So you have to be extra cautious when you share your thoughts.

3) You wish to skip a meet up with someone and so the best excuse would be a flu / fever or a headache. Successful in making the excuse? well then make sure you do not boast about your date or a booze party or a chill nigh tout on your status. This may harm your relation with the person you just skipped a meet over booze.

4) Your status update and your activities are visible to all in your friend list. Now make sure you do not have your mom or dad or a family member in your friend list when your update about a "blasting booze party".

Ask me and i would rate twitter on top. A simple 140 char rule and you are done. You can also share your photographs on twitter. Over twitter you would get a lot of your queries solved. Ask a question and someone who has a answer will definately reply. Or perhaps a RT (Re-Tweet) would help spread your message. If you have a gprs enabled device and a twitter app for your phone then you can tweet on the go. Traveling in Bus or in the local Train of mumbai tweet about it and enjoy. Twitter is a Simple and efficient way of sharing information, and i think the most preferred.

P.S : Orkut sucks...!! And am off to Delete my account. More about it in the next post. ;p

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