Friday, November 20

Mobile post..from my nokia 6233

..Am bored sitting idle on my bed, the neighbor's dog is barking its ass out and a not so cool movie is being shown on doordarshan..OK, before you google it out, let me tell you doordarshan is India's national channel. And before you ask why haven't we as yet taken TATA Sky / BIG TV or any other digital satellite TV, then am still to figure it out myself.. [read : i don't have MONEY $$]. I think i inherit some [read: most] of the traits of a gujju, and otherwise a gujrati i am, though i spent major part of my life in the state of booze & beaches of goa. Sometimes i feel proud of being one Gujju!!!. Well even dhirubhai was a gujju!!

This post is especially dedicated to a dear friend hasan who is the reason why i can post online.. It was he who got me this gprs plan activated. So thanks dude. How did i get this done from him is a long long story.. (can't post it here)

ok am just tired of typing all this crap on my mobile. So shutting it down here.
Surprised that i have used a cellphone keypad to type such a long
gibberish post?? Well, don't be..!! (I may be a little slow on the keyboard but on my cell phone am the best...)

PS : I am looking for some great apps for my cell phone. So any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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