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It was awesomely cool and well written. Loved every page of it. Yes , for all those who know about sidney sheldon will know from the title itself what i am posting here about. For the unfortunate people, "Tell me your Dreams" is one of the classic piece by the most famous novel writer SIDNEY SHELDON. Go read it, I bet you will not regret...

I love reading and when i got my hands over this book i could not wait to start with it. Before i could actually sit with it, i took a little time out to read the synopsis of the book at the back page and found it very interesting. This was 4 days back.
Spending 2 hours at night every day , i managed to finish the novel and i must confess , it is the best read i ever had. Well the other Sidney sheldon novels are equally interesting and make sure you are glued to your chair, but this one had something extra.

"TELL ME YOUR DREAMS" is about a 29 yr old simple women named Ashely petterson who is suffering from MPD. Ok , before you start googling for MPD , it is a short form for "Multiple Personality Disorder".

What is MPD?

As the name suggest it is a disorder where in there exist multiple personalities within the same body. For instance , a person who is shy and reserved in his normal life may inhabit a strong dominant person within him at other time, and a calm cool person another time, without the host's knowledge.
Similar is the issue with Ashely petterson. She hosts , Alette peters and Toni , two other women within her which come up with complete different personalities. Ashely is a simple , reserved and a loner. Alette is full of negative thoughts , born in Rome , and is a artist ,whereas Toni is more of outgoing , singer party animal.
Ashely isn't aware about other two alter she inhibits. She however always has a fear that she is being stalked. As her life moves on, with a great job in a computer company as a designer , suddenly out of no where she is caught up in a problem and charged for murder , she says she never commited.

Yes before you jump to any conclusions , it was her alter toni who comited the murders. She killed people and castrated them.
Her father who happens to be a famous surgeon , has a full faith on her daughter and thinks that she is innocent. He approaches criminal lawyer whom he had helped years back save his mother.
David singer , was a criminal lawyer at first , but is now a company lawyer for a famous firm and about to get a partnership in the same. But now he is forced to take up ashely's case.

The author has very well narrated the life of david and how he tries his hard to make sure that his client ashely is acquitted. Then follows court sessions and at the end the jury is convinced that ashely is convicted for deleberately murdering and castrating people.


Ok i will not be a spoil sport here and give out the main plot. But before you close the browser and hurry to a book store to buy your copy , here is some questions you need to find the answer for..
Is she acquitted by the judge even after she is charged with cold blooded murders?
If not, then how does David singer help her prove innocent?
How does ashely suffer from MPD?
what is the reason she is a host to "toni - a aggresive and short tempered" , and "allette - a italian shy and negative thinker"?
There are some people ashely did not even know. Since she had no motive , why would she kill them. ?
Is MPD curable ? If yes how does she get herself treated for it.

My Verdict.
Out of 5 i would rate it 4.
The author has nicely put all the three characters and beautifully narrated their lives.

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  1. This was my very first sidneyshledon!! & i loved it..
    A Film maker from TN has stolen the concept & made a blockbuster movie called 'aniyan' outta it!!
    i 'd agree with u on the 4 stars :)

  2. hey grace..Oh i did not know about the TN movie. Thnks for sharing it here. Well if you go to see many of the bollywood , tollywood movies are copy of hollywood.