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Kamat is a well known restaurant in INDIA. You would find a Kamat in almost every city of this country. Well know for its south indian food, kamat has indeed got its name high on the list where food industry is concerned. Some days back i got my hands over this wonderful book, "idlis orchid and will power" written by vithal venkatesh kamat.

Vithal venkatesh kamat is indeed the man behind the success of almost 400 Hotels in India and many more outside india. Here in this book he shares his experiances , his very thought provoking success secrets and many more. If you are looking for Inspiration , get a copy of this book.
The family had a small restuarant in mumbai and the father was a workoholic. Looking at his father work day and night , vithal too inherited the qualities but had something more in him. In this book Mr vithal kamat shares his every small incident from his childhood to building the best eco friendly hotel "orchid".

The best part of the book i enjoyed was the interview Mr vithal kamat answered. He had no need to look for a job as he had a hotel he could work for. But vithal had a desire to know what is market value was. So he went to answer an interview.

Interviewer : "hello, Should i ask you 4 easy questions or 1 difficult question" ?
Vithal : "Ask me the most difficult question"
Interviewer : "OK , what came first , the HEN or the EGG??"
Without any hasitation or delay
Vithal : "The EGG"
Interviewer : "what makes you so sure that the egg came first? "
Vithal : "This is your second question"

The interviewer had a smile on his face and vithal was selected for the job. However Vithal refused the job and appologised for the time of the interviewer and asked what salary he would earn for the job. 50,000 INR per year was the answer and then vithal realised what his net worth in the market was.
This book also speaks about how he was cheated by his brother and was left with no property, other then his half build hotel orchid and a 100 CR debt. But the will power of Vithal venkatesh kamat made him survive this situation and become the owner of a well know hotle "THE ORCHID". The orchid has won more then 30 awards for being the best eco friedly hotel in the entire world.

P.S : Nowadays i am more addicted to books and try to read more. I might as well have a separate section for the books i have already read and what i am presently reading.
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