Friday, July 17

Free anti virus.

Transferring Movies , songs or picnic Photos through a Pen drive over your system ?? Why not scan it first. Yes, pen drive transfers are the most common source for Virus or worms to enter your PC and make it vulnerable to problems. Some days back one of my friends asked me to come and see his laptop as it had become very slow. When i checked the Laptop, it was affected by the most common folder.exe virus. Previously i had installed AVAST free edition on his laptop but he did not update it in spite having internet connection. OK , so this time i went with avira antivirus software and cleaned his system.

Having a antivirus is must these days. There are many softwares available in the market. Nortan , bit diffender, nod 32, panda, and yes also the very famous kaspersky. ( Most of them prefer kasperky here in goa ). But what about the free antivirus which are available.

I googled for "free antivirus" and avast topped the list , followed by avira and avg.

I am a avira user and also very satidfied with the software.

So for all those who feel that free softwares are not worth the security you need , then i will say you are wrong.

If you follow simple steps to protect your PC then the problem of virus will never bother you.
First and formost always make sure you always scan pen drives / flash drives before using them. Also make sure you alswys update your antivirus software. Scan your systems frequently within period of a week or 10 days or atleast once in a month.

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