Wednesday, May 27

Sony Ericsson's promotional scheme?? Laptops for FREE??

some days back i received an e-mail. It had this image attachment , which speaks for itself.

Giving away laptops for FREE if you forward to 8 emails..?? WOW this got to be superb. Sony Ericsson Guys are very generous i must say.
Although this image tells us everything what we need to do but has no details when we would get our Free laptop , nor it has any address (not the email , of course the physical location).

For all those who forward this email to all their friends, with the hope of winning the lappy, I dnt want to break your heart ;) and so let us assume that you will soon get your price for the valuable time you spent to sent the emails.

But the question still arises...

So after i send the email, how long would i have to wait to claim my laptop.??

You might say , we got the email address of the person who suppose to be person in charge of this promotional scheme. We can always ask for a reply.

But will this help.??

This post isn't about when you will get the laptop or whether you will get it or not. I choose to write about this because i really liked something in this email which i would like to share..

1) I am quite sure , atleast from the email address i could see from the fwd , most of these people who froward the mail are educated and am sure would be possessing a good education qualification. So they got lure away for this FREE scheme. So this proves that well learned people also got a tiny miny space in their brains which get carried away when they hear / read "FREE". OK enough of all this shit from me..Let me come to the main point.

2) I like this ad because , it is so nicely put up and the author gets a nice collection of data. All the email ID's now a days are so useful. This is a beautiful way to collect data. This is what attracted my attention.

Hope all get their laptops soon... All the best.

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