Saturday, May 30

Google suggestion

We all know how google plays a important role in our life. IF you been using google then you must have realized that they are now using the google suggestion which is basically built with the help of AJAX technology. Here as you enter your keywords , google suggesion suggests the most relevant results before you hit enter. So that while you are typing , if the suggestion you get is what you desired then you do not need to continue typing, just select the suggestion and you are done. Well along with the suggestion , google suggest also provides the number of results your query would get. This is amazing isn't it?

OK i am not here to talk about this. Actually i was trying to search out something and the google suggestions top result made me Laugh Out Loud.

I was typing "How to" and the top suggestion i received was "How to get pregnant". It was damm funny. I think this is why microsoft came up with thier decesion search engine.

PS : There isn't anything wrong with the google suggestion result, but it was totally ROFL moment. Attaching here the screen shot i took.

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