Saturday, May 9

Gmail-down for some time

Gmail is now the standard email service most of us use. May be for personal or business purpose it is fastest and easiest. some time back when i was online on gmail, one of my friend Peter asked me to check if i could open the gmail inbox. Now since i was in gmail and peter asked me in gmail chat, i bluntly said i could, but soon later when i tried to open inbox, and i got 500 - temporary error. I then tried to refresh the page several times and i was told to try again later. I experienced this for the first time.
Well this is not the issue.

What if gmail is down for entire day.?? It will affect the business of many people. May be lots of money loss.
For example if Mr X applies for some contract in a Company, and the Co. replies with a Yes and also asks for an immediate reply , if gmail were down , Mr X would not be able to reply and loose the contract.

What else problems would users face..??

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  1. Cool post man..happy to c u blogging

  2. @prajyot : i am using gmail for past 1.5 yrs and it was just that day that i, peter and some of my friend also faced problem simultaneously..