Thursday, April 23

posting via email.

Hi. After my encounter with and its ability to update my blog through emails, i was fascinated and wondered whether blogger has the same capability or not. You can check my posterous postings here . And after a google search, i found out that it was possible in blogger too. this is a very very useful stuff for all those who are glued to their mail box 24hrs a day.
With blogger you just need to make some changes in your settings tab under email, and bingo, you are ready to go.

Let me talk more on this.
In you just need to send an email to from your email account. In this service no need to sign in or make a account. just send an email and you are done. Immediately you will get a confermation that your post has been posted. it is that dead simple. So here you don't have to authenticate yourself. your email acts as your signiture.

Now talking about blogger. When i changed my settings so to enable blogging via email, i found out that you need to send an email to some address which you have created secretly. For eg in the settings you get to choose your posting address as in

Now this seems OK, only till the address remains secret. What if someone gets hold of this address? He/ she can also post into my blog by just sending an email to this address. Is there any security measures to overcome this. I guess keeping the address secret is the only way you can be assured that it is not being misused.

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