Monday, April 27

A funny caller

This isn't a tech post, but it is worth blogging...

yesterday after the cricket match when i was all tired waiting for my mom to get me some Rasana, i received a call from some guy. (The code of the number looked that the call was from Bombay). I got this call on my Airtel number which i dnt use and none of my friends know about it. Though i was damm tired, the loud ringing of my nokia 3315 phone forced me to attend the call.

Me : Hello
Guy : Hello
Me : yes
Guy : kaun baat kar raha hai?
Me : tumko kaun chahiye?
Guy : kaun, asif baat kar raha hai??
Me : nahi , wrong number...

(When i was about to disconnet...)

Guy : bhaisaab, aap ka naam kya hai?
Me : (WTF??) bhaisaab, mai asif nahi hu, aur apne wrong number lagaya hai..
Guy : bhaisaab, please aap apna mobile bandh kar do?
Me: huuh?? Mai kyu phone bandh kar du??
Guy : ye mere GHAR ka number hai.. Muje ghar phone karna hai. Aap apna number bandh kar do..please 2 minute ke liye...
Me : (whaaaaat??) Arey maine yeh number bandh karne ke liye thodi liya hai?? tumara ghar ka number pe lagao..muje pareshan mat karo..
Guy : bhaisaab, mai ghar ka number lagata to aapko lagata hai..isliye mai aapse bola ki aap apna number bandh karo. agar aap number bandh karoge to hi mai ghar baat kar sakunga..!!

Me : (angry/ confused/ what the F@#$ ??) arey tum pagal ho kya?? chal phone rakh aur is number pe phirse phone mat karna...(disconnect)

After i diconnected, i laughed and told the story to my mom and sis..We all had a laugh.

Meanwhile the same guy called 3 more times. Eventually i ended up talking to him nicely and properly explaning how each telephone/cellphone number is unique and even if i disconnected my phone for him, he would not be able to talk to his family.
I hope he understood the concept.

At one point, i could not control my laughter, and at same time, i felt pitty on the guy for not been able to call up his family..

Thursday, April 23

posting via email.

Hi. After my encounter with and its ability to update my blog through emails, i was fascinated and wondered whether blogger has the same capability or not. You can check my posterous postings here . And after a google search, i found out that it was possible in blogger too. this is a very very useful stuff for all those who are glued to their mail box 24hrs a day.
With blogger you just need to make some changes in your settings tab under email, and bingo, you are ready to go.

Let me talk more on this.
In you just need to send an email to from your email account. In this service no need to sign in or make a account. just send an email and you are done. Immediately you will get a confermation that your post has been posted. it is that dead simple. So here you don't have to authenticate yourself. your email acts as your signiture.

Now talking about blogger. When i changed my settings so to enable blogging via email, i found out that you need to send an email to some address which you have created secretly. For eg in the settings you get to choose your posting address as in

Now this seems OK, only till the address remains secret. What if someone gets hold of this address? He/ she can also post into my blog by just sending an email to this address. Is there any security measures to overcome this. I guess keeping the address secret is the only way you can be assured that it is not being misused.

BEST WISHES.............

   I |) r I & |-|

Friday, April 10

Disk defragmentation (Defrag)

About 5 hrs remaining, yes I am at present performing a Disk defragmentation of my PC. And
this is the reason why I am writing this post.

What is Disk Defragmentetion?
Hard disk store data in chunks called sectors. Initially when OS is installed freshly, the files are stored in a systematic order, in an organized manner.

When you add a file, the OS places it anywhere it finds sufficient space to place that file. The OS could have placed it contiguously, but it didn't.

Fragmentation :
In a hard disk , when files, folders are created, copied, pasted to some other location,deleted from hard drive, they tend to get over time, they end up in pieces spread all over the hard drive.

One part of file is placed in some location , and the other part is placed on other location. The part of the file is linked to the other part. Thus the OS knows how to locate the files and access them.

When looking for this fragmented files, the read/ write head of the hard disk has to do a lot of moving around. These may cause system slowing down, during boot time, and also slow down the transfer rate.

Defragmentation :
The idea behind defragmentation is that , all the similar files are to placed in a sequential order. The Program disk defragmeter in Microsoft windows, helps to get all the similar files in a sequential order placing them in sectors close to each other.

In addition, a good defragmenter may also try to optimize things even more, for example by placing all applications "close" to the operating system on the disk to minimize movement when an application loads.

When done well on older disks, defragmenting can significantly increase the speed of file loading.

On a new disk that has never filled up or had any significant number of file deletions, it will have almost no effect because everything is stored sequentially already.

As you might imagine, the process of individually picking up and moving thousands of files on a relatively slow hard disk is not a quick process -- it normally takes hours.

P.S : For the defragmenter to properly run, ensure you have no applications running. Typically, SYSTRAY and EXPLORER are all you need to have running to run this application.

Wednesday, April 1

My College on Google maps

Rayeshwar institute of engg and info tech
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This ain't no techie post. I was damm bored so went on to google maps and searched my college. Here is a pic of my college on Google maps. well in the process i learned that we can also sync our flickr account to our blogger account and make a post entry of our flickr photos to our blogs. Isn't this so simple and cool. ?? Enjoy