Thursday, March 19

watch youtube videos, flickr and picasa images in your inbox

Google guys are gearing up and often releasing some great stuff. Here's some other features in gmail after most talked offline-gmail. Yes, now you can view any youtube video right inside your mailbox. If anyone sends you a link of a you tube video you can directly view it inside the mailbox inline. So also you can view flickr , picassa and yelp previews in mail.

To take advantage of this feature, you need to first go to your gmail account - > settings - > labs and enable these features. There are a lot of other great goodies. Go and give a try.

I gave it a try myself, sent a counter strike video link from you tube and checked it out into my mailbox. Everything went smooth as expected.

Advantage here is no more redirecting to you tube or flickr or picassa or yelp site. watch video / see photos inside your mailbox. i have not given a try to flickr , or picassa but i am quite sure , they are as functional as the you tube experiment. Good going Google.

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