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Googlemaps API

Google maps have been over the internet from long time now. But it is at this time that i came across it. A little bit of Exploration made me love this product by the GOOGLE. It is very fascinating and enjoyable. A 2D/3D view of the entire world with so much precise information is indeed appreciable. I then decided to try my hands over this and learn the google API.
you can visit here to check the google maps.

Also Google has made available the API so that anyone can use them in their web sites.


Google maps is a free web mapping service application provided by google.Google Maps provides high-resolution satellite images for most urban areas in India, US and many other parts of the world.

Google has made these satellite images very user friendly and so also a lot of information can be collected from this maps. For instance, if you just enter a country name, or a state or perhaps a city name, into the search box and hit enter, you get to see the map. The map you are taken to , has almost all the information, the street name, important destinations such as schools, temples, road names , railway tracks etc etc. Along with the map view, we also have a satellite view and a hybrid view. The satellite view helps to get the satellite images and i must say, they are very precise. In no time , i could locate my house. And hybrid is a combination of both map view and satellite view.

The Google map API gives a lot of freedom to developers. It allows to put markers on the map. With the help of markers you can easily and explicitly point out the area of interest for your users.

For eg, if you have a office with a lot of branches spread over in different locations. Use google maps in your web site and provide useful information of all the offices and branches , for easy follow to your customers. Another example could be for a real estate agency, which can provide a lot of information about the plots and flats for sale via google maps so that their customers have a easy choice.

Well, there can be a lot of ways google maps can be helpful. have your idea, use the google map api and execute them.

After studying some api examples i finally managed to make this simple web page showing the google map with my location, my school and my college.

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