Saturday, April 5

Best of the Web - Link Rounup #1

1) The 180 days website creation project by Jennifer Dewalt
I had been following Jennifer’s project for a time now and she blogged about her one year of coding. It is indeed inspiring and motivating. A very nice project, requires a lot of dedication and commitment, not to forget the amount of patience. But the end results are really fruitful. Worth reading her blog.

2) An anecdote about how lines of code should not be a criteria in a developer’s routine. In fact lesser the lines of code, the better. Everyone should be encouraged to write optimized algorithms.

3) The odin project :
This is one interesting project i came across and immediately signed up for. I plan to work on this given my interest in Ruby on Rails. 

4) A Podcast about How to learn on ruby rogues.

Recently i came across this website where they have exceptional rubyist talk about ruby and programming in general. This podcast however was on how to learn a programming language or anything.

Key take always were
a) Speed reading
b) Take up teaching so that whatever concepts you have learned are with you forever because teaching someone makes sure you yourself are well versed with the topic.
c) Rubber ducking : This is one of the method i really liked. You have a rubber duck or a toy in front of your monitor and you start talking to it, as if it can listen to you. This way you understand your own problem much better way.

5) CSS Diner :
A very simple game to understand CSS selectors. The code is available on github.

6) AddyOsmani’s Backbone Fundamentals
I recently wanted to read and understand about at least one of the JavaScript MVC framework. Ember and angular looks promising but backbone js just appeared right. I had heard about it a long time back. And this open source book from addy osmani is indeed very informative.

Sunday, March 23

Faasos...No NO...!!

Last Friday was eat outside day. I wanted to go with the normal Indian meal, but dreaded that and was confused between a pizza or any other junk. Pizza is costly. I already had subway sometime back and loved it. So i thought of grabbing myself a faasos wrap.

TL;DR : I had a chicken tikka masala wrap and i was very disappointed.

So i stood at the counter, spent almost 5 minutes looking at the menu. They also have this awesome cartoons and some punch lines, that took most of my attention. Apart from that, i was the only customer at that time. So chicken Tikka masala wrap it was. I paid (wasted) 90 bucks for that. They had an option of wheat base and the maida base and I did'nt have to think much on that. The wheat base cost 10 bucks extra, and since it was my first time, i did not want to spend more on that. (Now, to think of it, I feel better about it)

So just like Subway, they prepare it in front of you. The preparation is super difficult, it requires you to be a rocket scientist to understand it. Pun intended. Ok, so the "chef", we could also call him a "helper", gets a roti with oil or butter on it (my taste buds could not identify them) on his desk. He takes a spoon full of ready chicken tikka masala and spreads it across on the roti. More of masala and less of chicken. Lots of oil. I could hardly taste 3 pieces of chicken in that entire spicy thing that they call wrap. Ok, next, he sprinkles some chopped onions and puts some sauce. It was very little. Then meticulously rolls it and stuffs it inside a tissue paper. Done. Your wrap is ready. Just so much? I think, and walk away thinking aloud that hope it tastes good. It was tiny by the way for the 90 bucks that i spent.

I take the first bite and the first thing that comes in mind is "bad". The roti or wrap seemed awful, it was kind of crispy. I could feel the texture. I thought it was not fresh and it was refrigerated. The chicken tikka masala was only masala. Oily. My first impression, die hungry but don't visit faasos again.

To think of it again, it kind of amused me. Remember those childhood days, when your mom would wrap a subji you did not like inside a roti and give it to you and make you think it was awesome. Yup i felt like that. If i had been to an actual north Indian restaurant i could have got plate full of chicken tikka masala, 3 rotis for just 110 bucks. 

No Faasos, I a'int coming back that door again. Never.

Sunday, February 16

Using Handlebars

Lets say I have a json data file which i want to display on the website.

    "articles": [
            "headline": "Both Knees replaced at one go.",
            "body" : [ "<p>First sentence</p>", "<p>Second Sentence</p>"]

My Main html file will have the below code

<script id="articles-template" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
            <h2 class="text-center">{{headline}}</h2>
          {{#each body}}

My Javascript file will have this code.

      var templateSource = $("#articles-template").html(),
          template = Handlebars.compile(templateSource),
          articleHTML = template(resJSON);
  loadArticles : function(){
          success: this.handlerData

Of course you need to include the handlebars.js file and jquery file in your html. 

Monday, February 10

Subway - Awesome

Last week It was time to try subway. I had tried McDonald’s and KFC several times earlier but never got a chance to try subway.

Being my first time there, I choose to try there very basic roll or “sub” as they call it. After a quick look around, I decided to settle with chicken seekh sub.

So the ingredients were very basic, 2 pieces of chicken seekh followed by tomato, cabbage, potato and cucumber. Nothing fascinating. However, before preparing the “sub”, the attendant asked me for my choice of bread. I wanted to try multigrain bread (I’ve tasted brown bread and white bread), so multigrain it was. Then came the choice for sauce. I wanted to try mixture of all the sauce.


It was very fascinating to see the chef prepare the sub for you and you have control over what goes where.


I then settled down with my tray, unwrapped the sub, it was huge by the way, and then took the first bite. Amazing. Not the ingredients, but the bread. The bread was neither crisp nor soft, just perfect. The taste was awesome. I just loved every bite of it.


I just wished I had my own bakery or at least an oven to so that I can bake my own bread. One day, I shall definitely get myself an oven. Just after I get a barbeque. Yup, the foodie in me wants to try all the possible dishes in this world, so does the chef in me wants to be able to cook my own bread. One day.

Saturday, October 19

Do it now!

Weekends are always to chill out. Chilling out for me is to sit in front of the computer and keep clicking links and read whatever i can. And that is when i came across this article from my favorite software developer "Coding Horror".

And that indeed took me to this article from SEO black hat.

It actually makes sense. It does. Yup. It is indeed inspiring.

Do it F***ing Now.
Don't wait. Don't procrastinate. The winners in this world are not the ones who find the greatest excuses to put off doing what they know will make them more money. The winners are the ones that prioritize and seize the day.
Create a list of action items to make sure your important tasks get accomplished. Every project you're working on should be in action. If you're not moving, you're standing still. Your next step towards making money must not be "something I'll take care of maybe sometime next week." If it's going to help make you money: Do it F***ing Now.
Some of you may think that you don't need the "f***ing" in "do it f***ing now". You do. You need that impact, that force, that call to action, that kick in the ass to get you moving. Otherwise, you'll end up another loser that had a great idea a long time ago but never did anything about it. Dreamers don't make money. Doers make money. And doers "Do it F***ing Now."

I have had this idea, which i really want to put it across over the internet. It is simple and very much doable. I have had plans and think about it. But i just procrastinate and waste my time over the internet.

I find reasons to not do it. I find fascinating open source code over the weekend, and then i want to learn that so that i can use it to code my idea. But by the time i start, i have this another article on hacker news and then my interest shifts. I have realized that a long time ago. But i keep making this mistakes. 

I think i need to just focus. Do It Now! F***ing Now..!!!!